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Sous Sus Reviews: Saffron

Name of Restaurant: Saffron Cuisine: Indian Address: 320 Columbus Avenue, between 75th and 76th streets Neighborhood: Upper West Side Rating: Walking into Saffron is like being transported to India without leaving New York. The dim glow of lanterns illuminates decadent tables that somehow still have a casual vibe. Conversation is hushed and intimate, but the hustle… Continue reading Sous Sus Reviews: Saffron

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Recipe: Mini Pumpkin and Ricotta French Toast-wiches

Greetings, loyal readers! I know what you’re probably thinking after reading that title: french toast-wich? But bear with me, because when you make these, the question you’ll be asking yourself is which wich do I eat because they all look so tasty. The answer is all of them. Because you can and they’re delicious. Okay,… Continue reading Recipe: Mini Pumpkin and Ricotta French Toast-wiches