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New Year, New Me?

Greetings, readers! Happy New Year! I hope you all survived the holiday season in one piece and enjoyed the end of 2015. I had a great, though sadly abbreviated, holiday that I spent with my family and friends back home and it was lovely. Now, I’m back in the city and ready to make 2016 great! Though I don’t agree with the (in my opinion) arbitrary importance that some attach to the new year, and the whole “new year, new me” attitude, I do think it’s an opportunity to look at your progress (or lack thereof) over the past year and reflect on what you need or want to accomplish by this point next year.

For me, most of my goals for this year involve blogging more consistently and some specific things involving my dance training. Overall, I want to keep myself healthy, happy, and productive this year, and so far I’m doing pretty well. I know we’re only eight days into it, but 2016 is shaping up pretty nicely so far. The beginning of the year is always hard because it seems so rife with expectation, like everyone is holding their breath and hoping it’ll be great. Everyone seems to forget that they are responsible, for the most part, for their own fate. If you want to have a good year then go have one! It’s all up to you to make it happen. Just because we’re now writing a 6 where there used to be a 5 doesn’t mean the laws of the universe have shifted. For the most part, beneath a thin veil of newness, your life probably hasn’t changed that much in the past few days. So with that in mind, make today great, in spite of the fact that the new year isn’t so different from the old one.


Sous Sus Chef

PS: Sorry if this seems a little disjointed, I’m currently sick and not necessarily on my A game at the moment.


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