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After the Storm

I was recently talking with a friend, and they happened to bring up the strange phenomenon that occurs prior to a major winter storm, like Jonas this past weekend; everyone seems to buy the stores out of bread, milk, and butter. Having bared witness to the largely empty shelves when I went grocery shopping on Sunday, I can attest that this is true, though here it’s more random and widespread (But what if there’s a pickle emergency??).

The promise of snow somehow inspires everyone to get paranoid about having enough to eat. Clearly, the prospect of being trapped in a food-less house or apartment during a winter storm is scary, and that’s understandable. But to me what’s scarier is being trapped in a house that’s overflowing with food, and not having anywhere to go to get away from it. Seriously, it’s kind of menacing.

Think about it. You’re stuck inside with nothing to do, having binge-watched all your favorites on Netflix and exhausted all the books on your shelves. What’s left to do? Eat. So even if you aren’t really hungry, you turn to your fridge. Something about it is comforting, that state of food-induced comatose as the snow falls softly outside. But it’s an illusion. And just as the storm will end, so will your happiness.

Hedonic eating, or eating for pleasure rather than sustenance, almost always leaves one feeling ashamed and bitter afterwards. So do yourself a favor. Next time you hear about a big storm on the way, hang back from the huge lines at the grocery stores. Pick up a new book. Download some fun apps. Plan a project. Realize there are better things to do than clean out your fridge in a day. Because after the storm, the world outside will look different, but you won’t. You’ll be left blinking in the sunshine, wondering how you let the day slip away from you.

Stay mindful, friends.


Sous Sus Chef



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