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A Walk to Remember

Since I haven’t been dancing lately, I’ve been feeling a lack of physical activity in my day, despite the intensely physical aspects of my job at Joe. So I’ve started taking walks, almost every day, usually for about 45 minutes-1 hour in duration.

The physical aspect of it is definitely enjoyable, because I’ve always been an active person. When my calves ache or my thighs burn, those are signs to me that my body is working, that my muscles are growing stronger with every stride, and that makes me happy. But, more than that, these walks give me the opportunity to explore new places, reflect, and practice mindfulness.

If I’m feeling stressed or unhappy, I find that getting outside and moving drastically impacts my mood for the better. Even if it’s foggy, the sight of blooming trees or dogs playing or children laughing remind me how grateful I am for this moment and this life. I take a lot of photos on these walks, some of which I’ve shared below. For more, go follow me @sonyamarxdances (shameless self-plug, I know) on Instagram.

So I invite you to do the same. Start small- even 15 minutes can make a difference. Try exploring a new part of your neighborhood, or a park you’ve never been to. If you can’t spare the that much time, try taking the long way home from the food store, or going once around the block. The effects are immediate and rewarding. Happy Walking!


Sous-Sus Chef

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