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Almond Butter Toast Two Ways

Next to binge-watching Netflix, almond butter is probably my biggest vice. In her book, Not That Kind of Girl, which I recently finished (and loved, by the way) Lena Dunham talks about finishing an entire jar of the stuff in a single night, and I don’t find it hard to imagine accomplishing that feat. I’m not… Continue reading Almond Butter Toast Two Ways

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Simple Crunchy Granola with Quinoa, Almonds, and Coconut // Dairy Free, Gluten Free Recipe

This recipe came about after trolling the aisles of several different grocery stores desperately searching for the perfect granola. It had to be low in sugar, contain healthy, whole ingredients, and no weird additives. Well, after spending a good portion of my time reading the nutrition facts of practically every granola imaginable, I decided it… Continue reading Simple Crunchy Granola with Quinoa, Almonds, and Coconut // Dairy Free, Gluten Free Recipe

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Recipe: Mini Pumpkin and Ricotta French Toast-wiches

Greetings, loyal readers! I know what you’re probably thinking after reading that title: french toast-wich? But bear with me, because when you make these, the question you’ll be asking yourself is which wich do I eat because they all look so tasty. The answer is all of them. Because you can and they’re delicious. Okay,… Continue reading Recipe: Mini Pumpkin and Ricotta French Toast-wiches

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Sous-Sus Reviews: French Roast Uptown

Restaurant Name: French Roast Uptown Cuisine: French Address: 2340 Broadway, between 84th and 85th streets Neighborhood: Upper West Side (second location on Lower East Side) Rating: From the outside, French Roast Uptown appears to be your typical French bistro cafe: small, intimate table seating with an option to sit outside, lighting fixtures reminiscent of old… Continue reading Sous-Sus Reviews: French Roast Uptown

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Recipe: Strawberry Almond Muffins

Recently the weather has been anything but spring-like, which has left me craving warm weather and the fresh produce that comes with that elusive season. And nothing says spring like the smell of fresh strawberries wafting through the kitchen. Warning: the smell of these muffins is seriously intoxicating. As in, when I pulled them out… Continue reading Recipe: Strawberry Almond Muffins